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Welcome to MyMusicato.com where you will find soon a lot of information about learning and playing own music. The focus is on best learning apps and great tools that will support children and adults to get into playing a guitar as well as a piano or a keyboard. Find your inspiration and read articles and test results about various apps, tools and helping gadgets waiting to be explored from you.


Playing Guitar for more than 35 years and Piano since more than 40 years I’m one of the old school guys used to learn his instrument with face to face teaching in a class room. I was not convinced at all about apps until year 2018 when our 7 years old daughter was getting frustrated with her own piano class as the teacher was leaving the school and the new one couldn’t get close to the teaching quality of the previous one. My wife came up with a marvelous idea: Why not using a special app to learn piano support our daughter and getting her back to the previous motivation level. As she was struggling with the new teacher a lot and was starting to give up, we gave it a try. And we can tell here – it was great that we did it.


To make good Music at an instrument requires passion, great feelings and no stress during the learning phase. Keeping own motivation up high without pressure at all during the learning time is the key of having fun and learning an instrument with joy. You have to feel music in order to play well.

We recommended to our daughter to use one special piano app, which was and is still best learning piano app ever in our mind. It was amazing to see how she was getting back her motivation. Our daughter was getting back passion and love for playing piano and was more engaged than before. She was requesting by herself to get new lessons by using this special app as she was winning awards with stars and got new songs she could play along with. And you know by yourself for sure how exited kids are to use tablets or any other device by them self and exploring things on their own.

After a while she was playing more advanced than she was doing during the one-to-one classes. Until today she is taking the tablet with this best learning piano app and sitting down with joy to explore new songs and new technical skills.


We got so much positive results and experience with this app, that I decided starting to read more about apps and how these can help to support learning an instrument with positive effects to the learner. The momentum to keep or get back motivation is so fantastic for getting into the music, so that I wish to all readers that this site gives you as a parent or as an interested person to learn by yourself an overview about what’s out there in the world of apps, tools and gadgets. Especially young children but also adults can gain advantage of these apps and tools to come closer to the beautiful skill of making music on an instrument like Piano or Guitar.

As the market is quite huge and provides more and more options each year, this page could be your reference point to go back and find reviews, recommendations, links and offers of apps, tools or gadgets that might fit to support your journey. Or you simply interested in getting an overview of the market for making any kind of recommendation to your friends.

Please leave comments of your own experience and let others know about your favorites and if you ever need a helping hand and have any question, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to support.

Looking forward to all of your comments.

All the best,

Founder of MyMusicato.com


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