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My daughter is now running this app in the second year and she loves this app.

Most of her likes she is giving to the play along function and to the fact, that she can earn a trophy by reaching the next level and getting some additional bonus songs and medals.

The yearly subscription of the Simply Piano App made by JoyTunes was probably one of the best choices we could make in favor of a joyful piano play.


The app was giving a lot of motivation to our little girl as she was going to lose her interest in playing piano due to a two times of teacher exchange in the local music school. We were close to give all up although she was having a lot of personal interest in music and in the piano play. And by searching the internet my wife was finding this the Simply Piano App for our iPad.

At that time we gave it a try for some months in the free mode but with such a high level of motivation of our sunshine we clicked and purchased one year Abonnement, which payed off already since long time.


Piano apps iPad – works well without issues

There are some complains around in the social media about the app and its ability to identify played tones in a right way. However, we have clearly to rate the app with 4,5 stars out of 5 use to 2 years of experiences.

If you run the Simply piano App on your iPad Air2 devise their shouldn’t be any issues at all, except some tonality topics if the Piano is not in tune.

Get your Piano in tune

We hired a music expert to get the piano in tune and the topic was solved.

And as this was the first professional tune in 30 years after my first own try 5 years ago with the nice tuning equipment (See picture left) it was a great investment as the old music instrument (okay its not that old) is now giving a magic and warm sound if our daughter plays it.

And the best thing about the Simply Piano app is, that it is collecting now identifying the correct notes – if it is played well.


For us Simply Piano from JoyTune is one of the best piano learning apps for beginner level that exists on the market. Give it a try and have a look by yourself.

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